Life at Al-Madina Group

At Al-Madina Group, every job is a scope of individual development. Employees are working dedicatedly in the organization since long in different business concerns from Consumer Goods, Shipping, Healthcare, Media etc., according to their area of passion or interest. The management team is comprised of professionals from different industrial exposure adding value through continuous improvement and change management process.

A Family Business

Throughout its history and its development, the Al-Madina Group has made a point of keeping a management style that is close to the one it had when it started as an artisanal family business. Listening, caring, solidarity, training, career opportunities: such are the values which allow our employees to find their place in the company and thrive.

Varied Professions, Career Opportunities

Research and development, manufacturing, sales, service, IT, marketing, regulation: the trades at Al-Madina Group are demanding and technical; they require know-how and constant attention. Innovation is one of our main axes of development, intervening in product design and updates, but also in the improvement of working conditions for our employees, with new manufacturing tools, for instance.

We believe it is possible to hold several jobs during the span of a professional life. Evolution in the trades and gateways between the departments allow each employee to develop their skills and put them to the service of the company.

New subsidiaries and representative offices opening provide opportunities for potential expatriates to represent Al-Madina Group while catering to their desire for new horizons.


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